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What, a Website that Pays Out Instead of Asking for Cash?

Yes - its true...
Oh yeah- We say UP TO 50$ because it depends on the quality of the ad you place.

For instance, if you list an ad in your church flyer and it was free, We WON'T PAY YOU.

But if it's a publication like the Globe and Mail, or the Herald, Times, or whatever you receive that's got a real estate section on the weekend and fat sections of coupons and lots of people read it, then, well, we might pay you more than 50$!

Post your ad on our site. Make sure you get your item number. Then call your favorite "publication" that lots of people look at and list your ad with them

Make Sure to mention CANADA4SALEBYOWNER.COM and your Item Number
so people can find your ad on our website.

Then, when the listing appears, mail us the actual page (not a copy) and a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) and we'll mail you money.

Its Easy!!!

Send to:
105-150 Crowfoot Crescent NW #603
Calgary, AB T3G 3T2

Allow a week or so for us to respond. Include your phone number and maybe we'll call you and sing songs!

If you need assistance or have a question let us know


PS - this is geared more towards the Home Sellers but maybe if you sell cars or horses or whatever's high dollar enough to make it worth placing a nice print ad that costs more than a few dollars then this will work for you too.


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